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Leander Club's 200th Anniversary

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

To celebrate their 200th Anniversary The Leander Rowing Club, in Henley on Thames created the Hippo project. They invited local artists, celebrities, rowers and schools to decorate a Hippo, and HoT Creative were lucky to be one of the 200.

The decorated hippos will be exhibited in Henley during the summer, and will eventually be auctioned to raise money for charity.

My inspiration for decoration came from the Woollen wreaths we make at HoT Creative. I chose blue wool to represent the river, pale pink felt flowers to represent the Leander Club (their log is a pink hippo)and gold, silver and bronze accents to represent the olympic medals their athletes have won (Leander Club have won more Olympic medals than any other sports club in the world). I painted the hippo gold to represent the level of achievement the Leander rowers have achieved and the reputation they have throughout the rowing world.

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